Why settle for second best?

Our exciting TruColour™ system enables your clients to have their choice of Pantone® matched colour screen printed directly onto an extensive variety of mug, bottle, glass & coffee-to-go cup styles.

You are no longer limited by the traditional colour pallet offered by other ceramics decorators; we can offer you colour choice like never before! All of our screen printed products are printed using our revolutionary TruColour™ system at no extra cost. Engineered by and exclusive to us, TruColour™ enables you to reassure that you can meet the Pantone requirement rather than compromising on colour; even on dark glazes!

What’s more, our revolutionary TruColour™ process can be applied to coloured mugs without loss of vibrancy. Colours which would have traditionally been dulled when printed onto a dark surface appear bright and vibrant; making the design really stand out.