LISTAWOOD actively strives to build sustainability into the design of the products it offers and the proprietary processes it utilises in its manufacturing facilities. 


Our retail quality drinkware is inherently a replacement for single use plastic and disposable cups. Designed to be cherished and retained by recipients; the processes we use and the grade of materials specified ensure products remain ‘box fresh’ for longer than competitive products due to their uniquely robust dishwasher resistance.


We’ve replaced plastic and Styrofoam based packing materials with our innovative ‘MugSafe’ packaging solution which instead uses recycled and recyclable cardboard and shredded cardboard waste.


Listawood has invested in hi-tech, energy saving plant and machinery. This enables us to offer a competitive product portfolio, manufactured locally, which is also incredibly energy efficient.


Over 90% of all waste materials generated is reclaimed and reused in our manufacturing processes.