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TruColour® solves industry problem


Listawood are proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new system for the decoration of ceramics.

Matching PMS colours has been notoriously difficult using traditional screen printing methods.  As a consequence end users have often had to compromise on imprint colour when ordering popular products like mugs – selecting the closest shade available to their logo or print detail rather than the PMS reference they really wanted.  Furthermore, of the limited number of colours available many reproduced particularly poorly on darker coloured ware.

Listawood’s exclusive TruColour® system eliminates the need to compromise with print colours; enabling their distributors to simply accept client orders together with corporate PMS colours references, then send this to Listawood who will print to their specification.  Colour matching is just as accurate when printing onto darker ware, making one of the promotional industries most popular products unprecedentedly easy to sell to the end user. Our extensive range of multi-colour direct printing machines enables us to not only match PMS colours with incredible accuracy, but also reproduce extremely complex designs in up to 5 colours.

 “We’ve been working on the development of Trucolour for over 12 months, and it has been put thoroughly through its paces before the decision was made to launch it to the market”, commented Alex Turner, Managing Director. “We’ve been running it in production since the summer of 2013 and it’s transformed the service we’re able to offer our customers.  Since our January launch to the trade we’ve been told by more than one of our distributor customers that we’ve ‘solved a long standing industry problem’ – so we’re delighted”, added Turner.

TruColour® is just as durable as other ceramic decoration methods and is 100% dishwasher proof, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on quality to achieve stunning results.  The TruColour® colour match system is used as standard by Listawood on our entire collection of screen printed ceramic lines at no extra cost to distributors.

“We don’t want to stand still – our strategy is to try to deliver innovation in the ceramics market; presenting a stream of new styles, processes and product ideas to our distributors.  We want our products to be easy for our distributors to sell”, said Turner.

To find out more, contact us on 01485 529100.


TruColour® solves industry problem
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